Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Distance matters

Half of the world is between us
Though technology helps us to communicate
But I miss your presence
That's how distance matters.


Monday, June 22, 2009


Copying made easier - the 'Xerox 914.'

Did you know that the first photocopier, launched in 1959, was invented by Chester Carlson. His patent was filed in 1947.

Chester Carlson while working on his laboratory

Xerox is derived from Greek word "xero-" which means dry and [<>-graphia <>graphein "write"] = dry writing


RD was born...

The first published Reader's Digest

The first edition of the Reader's Digest is launched on 5 February 1922 by husband-and-wife team De Witt Wallace and Lila Acheson. The pocket-sized magazine can be bought by subscription which cost ten cents, and each issue features 30-31 articles one for each day of the month.

Lila and Dewitt Wallace


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are you OK?

Oh K!

In the Philippines, the OK gesture means that the person is satisfied, contented or fine.

However, BEWARE to gesture OK if you're in France where it means zero or worthless, while in Japan it's a symbol for coin or money.

But the most notable cases of misunderstanding concerning the OK sign are Brazil, Germany and Russia where it means the anus or vagina.


Brazilian Education and Language

I recently learned that Brazil is the only Latin American nation who speaks Portuguese with the exceptions of Amerindians and immigrants from Japan and South Korea who haven't acquired yet the Portuguese language.

Although their government is spending and offering free primary education, most students ended on early labor to compensate their family needs. Little are those who can afford university education, mainly those well-connected and wealthy families, and others from ambitious middle class families.

Education is their key to success, however, the result is discrimination, corruption and violence among uneducated people.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lay meets Rome

I was just there sitting in one corner of the table, and then you approach me. Your smile catches my attention and your simple look fascinates me.

We talk and you got me questioning, and then I tell you some of me.
I bid the farewell and tell you to come again.

Yes you did come again the next day, how am I to forget your name....

We've get along and hang out...

We walk together, talk to each other, and then while we were walking in the underpass, you ask me if it's a sin to love me...I have not mention a word...

But then I am still with you, we still eat, walk and talk together.

We've been good friends, right?

And the days go along, you still had that feeling for me, and ask the same question again while we were walking down the road, from Quiapo to Recto, remember?

There you told me why man have to be strong, it's because he needs to protect the woman...
Still, I didn't told a word. But I am not numb. I just can't answer the question.

And one rainy afternoon come, you still hold that feeling for me and ask me the very same question, that moment I answered, "Why me? There are many girls out there, but why me?"
And then I walk away, I know I hurt you...there's something in me that tells me I shouldn't hurt you.

Your desire is so strong.

You kept on searching me, waiting for me, tracing the paths I have trodden...
I thought you'd simply walk away, but then you came into our house, and you even ask the permission of my mother.

When I heard your voice, my heart beats so fast, but I still closed the door, but you kept on knocking.

Am I so bad to treat you like this? You haven't done anything wrong to me but then I am treating you this way.

I pleaded you to stop, because I cannot bear the fact that we're hurting each other...
But you insisted...

Then I decided we should agree, and we should stop the fight.

Then we did agree...

There our story started...


Trip to America

While others cry when they say goodbye, Rome smiles...

Lay goes to S. America last night, 18 June 2009, it was 7:54 when he board to the airplane.

With hopes of having a greener pasture and learning more from life, he goes, also motivated by his family needs and in pursuing his career.

"The hardest thing in life is growing up," he says.

"At least you've learned," Rome replies.

While on the car, he hold her hand and held her near him...

His father has many expectations of him, she knows he can make it...and he will make it.

"Eto lang ang aalis ako na masaya ako," [This is the only time I'm leaving that I'm happy,] he said.

And she's glad he's happy.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Crocheting. I learn this craft in the early 2004. Someone introduced this to me and it caught my curiosity. Soon I learn how to do it. Learning it is simple, dedication and patience is the key.

You can earn money from this stuff. I remember I sell crocheted cellphone bags to my classmates, and it's fun.

Try it!


the man whose name is Mag-Z

I fell in love with him when I was just 17.

The first time I saw him was sort of fairy tale. It's as if the clock stops ticking and the people around stop moving as I hear my heart beats so fast.

"He is cute," I said to myself.

That is how I met him...

This man's love is deep...I believe you have a good heart.


How I got here...

I am the first-born of my mother and father, the beginning of their strength, the eldest to bear the responsibility and definitely a product of a broken family.

My father left mom, me and my two siblings almost two decades ago. I do not even remember the details of my biological father’s countenance.

Journeying on earth without a father is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. It contributed a lot to my person, who I am now, what I am now, and the manner I approach every details of eventualities.

I am a fighter, a soldier, yes; I am a soldier in diverse ways and I am a survivor. My father’s absence made me strong; it contributed much to my emotional toughness, and my ability to make definite decisions.

As I tread my path, I almost stumble into life but God is great, and He did not allow me to walk astray.

The portrait of my life depicts a colorful masterpiece. It is painted with wonderful yet painful, trouble-free yet troublesome, and pleasant yet gruesome memories. Imagine a four-year-old girl wanting death? Very early isn’t it? Mother left the three of us to my aunt so she could work but my aunt who is supposed to rear us with love did the opposite; she always hurts us, beats us in almost all parts of our weak body. She even caged us in a day; my brother even experienced the suffering and discomforts of the ants’ sting with hands hog-tied. I told this once to my mom but she said that we must add patience and endure all the pain, though I know deep down her heart she is dying to hear us cry.

That is how I have mastered mixed emotions, through patience and love for my mother.

It taught me endurance in some way, but the other side of me is in rage, I even thought of avenging our fate someday when we grow up. But years passed by, then I realized that God’s mercy is insurmountable, He changed me gradually, He changed my point of views, my perspective in life, and my faith. My faith in God helps me through it all. God is the most magnificent and powerful being I have known.

With God, there are many possibilities in life, even if the world is offering many challenges, troubles, burdens, afflictions, but having God in life, I can conquer it all.


what's with the name?

During my early college days, I am very interested in making poems, well I always am. But my interest gets deeper during those days...

I am inspired to write and wanted to publish it... so I decided to make a code name...

[blue pen]

from pluma + bughaw = pluma signifies poetry and bughaw is the favorite color of the person who inspires me...


side line

Crocheted cell phone bags, ladies' bags, laptop cover are available. Contact me at 09062705017 for details and price.

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